I specialize in working with couples and individuals with relationship problems. For the past 20 years, I have been a researcher studying marriage and domestic violence. Now I am applying this research to help couples and individuals with communication, sexual, infidelity, or other problems by offering couples’ assessments, therapy and forensic evaluations. Having studied under Drs. John Gottman & Neil Jacobson, my scientifically-based couples therapy combines Gottman Couples Therapy and Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy. My approach is direct, short-term and effective. 

Forenbiracialsic evaluations, couples counseling, individual therapy


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    Dr. Julia C. Babcock is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the area of intimate relationships.  She specializes in:

    • Couples’ therapy for heterosexual and LGBT couples

    • Individual therapy for adults with relationship problems

    • Relationship assessments: 3 session “Couples Check-ups”

    • Forensic evaluations for intimate partner abuse

    Dr. Babcock studied couples’ therapy and research with two leading scholars in the field: Dr. John M. Gottman and Dr. Neil S. Jacobson. She is trained in Gottman’s Scientifically-based Couples’ Therapy, Behavioral Marital Therapy, and Integrative Couples’ Therapy. She trains and supervises Ph.D. students and professionals in conducting couples therapy.

4010 Blue Bonnet #202

Houston, TX 77025

call 281-844-8364

or email jbabcocktx@gmail.com for an appointment