Forensic/Legal Evaluations

Dr. Julia Babcock specializes in forensic evaluations and expert testimony to assist attorneys in helping answering legal questions about intimate partner violence. Dr. Babcock has been providing these services for the past 14 years. She has been certified as an expert in the area of intimate partner violence by Harris, Travis and Waller County Courts in Texas. She has testified in several criminal cases of women who killed their abusers, assessing psychological functioning, Battered Woman’s Syndrome, self-defense and state of mind at the time of the incident. She also testifies in civil cases involving claims of intimate partner violence.

Dr. Julia Babcock is a Professor and licensed psychologist in Texas. She earned her doctoral degree in psychology from The University of Washington in Seattle in 1997. She began an independent practice of psychology after obtaining her license in Texas in 2008 where she provided psychotherapy and assessment services. She continues to conduct research in the area of intimate partner violence. See her published work here.

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